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Online UAV training courses. Don’t miss out on these 3 kinds of courses.

I listed several online UAV training courses suitable for anyone interested in getting a drone pilot’s license and becoming a pioneer drone pilot in the industry.

The courses here will help any beginner learn how to fly a drone and become an expert in producing amazing aerial images.

Not just that, I also included a few online UAV courses that will allow newbie drone pilots to start a business or at least make money using drones.

I included online UAV training courses:

  • For beginners to learn how to fly a drone safely;
  • Methods for recreational pilots to understand PART 101 regulations by FAA;
  • FAA part 107 online courses that will prepare hobbyist drone pilots for their remote pilot certification exam in any country;
  • To improve their drone flying skills for specific industries and make money as drone pilots;
  • Course to learn how drones work and their in-flight limitations.

Let’s begin by knowing what kind of online UAV training course suits you.

Which online course is suitable for you to learn to fly a drone?

If you are an individual who got interested in drones or quadcopters recently, you need to learn to fly drones first.

Safely operating a drone must be their priority.

Assuming you bought your first drone out of curiosity and learned to fly your drone in an hour of practice, which is very common, doesn’t mean you are a safe pilot.

To learn to fly a drone, you can search online and find many free resources and articles about flying drones elaborately.

However, if free resources are not enough, and you have some spare money to spend on your hobby, then take a look at this course: 50 Drills to improve your drone flying skills.

This course is inexpensive, and the instructor is an aviation industry veteran.

Taking this course may not prepare you for the FAA Part 107 exam, but the sky will be safer with you knowing the minimum airspace regulations.

Which online UAV course is essential to become a certified remote pilot?

One must first pass the FAA Part 107 exam to apply for a remote pilot airman certificate.

Assuming at this stage, you already know how to fly a drone.

If you have been operating a drone for a while and looking forward to making money using your drone, you have to get a drone pilot license.

You must pass the FAA knowledge test to get a drone pilot license.

The exam is quite difficult for individuals who have no prior aeronautical knowledge.

Someone with minimum aeronautical knowledge may have a good score during the exam, but I guess scoring 70% to pass won’t be an easy task.

So what can you do to pass the exam and not waste 150USD every time you register for the FAA Part 107 exam?

Acquire aeronautical knowledge and understand what is crucial for flying drones safely.

Most questions will be related to flying a drone safely. Thus if you do not know what to study or don’t have the time, you can enroll in an online UAV training course.

There are free resources to understand and gather aeronautical knowledge for flying drones safely.

A structured course like this will save you time. But for anyone with limited time, a structured approach is essential. Take a look at this course for FAA Part 107 test prep.

You can also practice by taking a quiz after each chapter in the course to determine if you understood the topic thoroughly.

If not, then you can review the chapter and retake the quiz.

Anyone who takes the course commonly achieves a higher score than 90% and passes the FAA knowledge on their first take.

Instead of failing the exam and wasting 150 USD, it is more sensible to spend 130 USD on a course.

Learn from the course at your own pace before registering and scheduling an exam.

A course not only prepares you for the exam but will also strengthen your knowledge as a UAV pilot.

What course must you take if you want to make money using your drones?

Now that you have a drone pilot license and are ready to make money flying drones, you must be an expert in one field.

Most jobs related to commercial drone flying require pilots to fly drones and take aerial footage. Various companies need aerial footage for different tasks.

As I mentioned: To make money using drones, you must first learn how to use your drone to take aerial images.

Taking excellent images will aid in building a reputation. If you have better photography skills than your competitor, you will have better opportunities to make money.

But to sharpen your photography skills, you can take some courses online.

Online UAV training that focuses mainly on aerial photography and videography.

Of course, I never knew the importance until I took one myself.

A structured course benefits students in a short time.

You can acquire all the skills without taking a class, but you will receive the ability from experience. Building experience requires time.

Therefore online courses play a huge role in improving skills in a short time.

However, there are various courses available online other than aerial footage skills.

Let’s think of it this way:

  • In your area, companies need drone surveyors. Drone surveyors can do multiple tasks using a drone for surveying.
  • In another location, there might be a demand for agricultural drone pilots. Remote pilots that have skills in operating crop-dusting drones.

What if you are only a skilled drone pilot and can take average aerial images? That will not be enough to qualify you for a drone surveying job.

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There are many industry-specific drone pilot jobs. Likewise, there are niche-based online UAV training courses:

The demand for drone pilots diversifies from one location to another.

Perhaps at your location, the demand for drone surveying jobs is higher, then you must take an Online UAV training course that is correctly structured to train drone pilots for land surveying.

Similarly, numerous drone training courses are available online that can help you to become a better drone operator for distinct industries.

Take your time to research which drone job has demand in your area, then choose a course online. That way, you will make more money and open more doors to better opportunities.

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