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Drone License Fundamental: Do you Need a License to Fly your Drone?

It is common knowledge that you need a license to drive your car on public roadways. But do you need a permit to fly your drone, which is a drone license when it comes to the public airways? While many people love the pastime of flying a remote-control toy, there is much more to consider when flying an actual drone in shared airspace.

It all comes down to the fundamental reason for flying a drone. Are you using your drone commercially to make money or for recreation as a hobby? Read it through and get your answer.

Do you need a license to fly your drone commercially?

A license is needed to fly your drone commercially. It may seem harmless to let your buddy pay you for some fantastic photos you shot with your drone while hiking, but if you do not have a license to fly your drone, you would be acting outside the law. Even if you have the slightest desire to use your drone to make money, be smart and get licensed so that you are never outside the law.

Even if you don’t accept payment for such activities, the governing body would still consider flying your drone commercially, which needs a license. Hence, better be safe than be sorry.

With the efficient training at a drone school to pass the Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft General – Small test, there is no reason not to stay safe and certify to acquire your license, so you are covered in case you fix to get paid for your amazingness with your drone. It is worth it.

Do you need a license to fly your drone as a Hobby?

Currently, it’s optional by law to obtain a Part 107 license to fly your drone if you only fly it as a hobby.

However, some recent changes to the FAA rules and regulations require recreational drone pilots to pass a knowledge and safety test called The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST). It is congressional commands that you give this test to operate any UAS in your National Airspace System, and you also need to carry proof of the passage with you.

All users operating drones weighing more than 0.55 lbs need to register their drone with the FAA and mark the outside of their aircraft with the registration number.

Is it good to get a drone license even if you never plan to fly commercially?

The answer is yes. You might end up falling into something crazy and a new rewarding career you had never planned.

When driving on the road, do you take comfort in knowing that every other driver is needed to have a license? Nobody is perfect, and anything unexpected can happen, but imagine how much more prepared you could be if you got a Part 107 certification license to fly your drone.

Part 107 remote pilot certificate, also known as the drone license, has been one of the most critical changes in drone aviation over the past few years. And mostly, it was a positive change.

The knowledge test requirement was a great way to improve the skills and knowledge of commercial drone pilots. This change was welcomed.

The responsibility of the certified drone pilot goes far beyond just passing the test. Understanding the information is the key to operating legally, safely, and proficiently. This article will be helpful for you! Thanks for reading!

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