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FAA drone license course online.

Always choose a drone license course online that will allow you to pass the FAA part 107 test in one go.

I am writing this article today to help you pick the right drone pilot course to learn everything you need to operate drones safely.

The best FAA part 107 online courses to select from numerous online studies.

I understand seeing numerous drone license courses online is overwhelming for aspiring drone pilots.

If you don’t have the time to read the complete article, take a look at the three courses listed below:

  1. Remote pilot test prep by Pilot Institute;
  2. Drone Pilot Ground School;
  3. Drone pilot license test prep by King Schools.

Enrolling in any drone pilot courses mentioned in this article guarantees you will pass the FAA part 107 test in your first take.

Typically, people have minimal knowledge about aviation and other flying-related topics.

It is common for students to fail an uncomplicated test like the FAA part 107. Nevertheless, the test is simple for individuals with a private pilot license.

What if you are not a private pilot and have no prior tie to the aviation industry?

Assuming you are a recreational drone pilot:

But to step up in the drone industry, you will need a drone pilot’s license. Becoming a drone industry professional takes much more knowledge than merely flying a UAV.

To ensure the safety of the airspace, the FAA requires commercial drone pilots to pass an exam to test their knowledge on aeronautical subjects like:

  • Air law and regulations;
  • Meteorology;
  • Airspace;
  • Airport operations;
  • Radio communications;
  • Aeronautical decision-making;
  • Physiology;
  • Maintenance and inspection.

For someone who has no idea of these subjects, trust that taking a course is your only way to pass the exam.

What will you learn by purchasing a drone pilot license course online?

Selecting the right structured drone license course will enable you to acquire the necessary information. The drone license courses are designed so that recreational drone pilots can grip all the information in a short period.

In general, a commercial pilot must study various subjects to become a pilot and conduct safe passenger flights.

On the contrary, drone pilots do not require vast knowledge to fly a drone safely.

Commercial drone pilots require elementary subjects relevant to flying drones safely.

A structured course only teaches the specifics and avoids all the unnecessary information you can find in free resources.

Which is the best part of the 107 online courses?

The online course by Pilot Institute is one particular drone license online course that is my favorite, and I recommend it to you.

Everyone must prepare 100% before taking an exam.

The drone license course by the pilot institute will not merely prepare you for the exam but will teach you all the concepts of becoming a safe commercial drone pilot to start making money using drones.

Multiple courses online can prepare you for the FAA part 107 test, but do you only want to pass the test?

Memorizing the answers to pass the part 107 test is not the right way to become a drone pilot.

To learn anything, one must comprehend all the concepts. Thus, he can take the exam without memorizing the questions.

Furthermore, this drone pilot course comes with 15 quizzes and over 300 questions that you can practice to determine your development of aeronautical information.

This comprehensive drone license course contains hours of lectures from a veteran commercial pilot.

Your instructor is a certified remote and commercial pilot with explicit knowledge of the aviation industry that he enjoys sharing and teaching for a safer sky.

I passed my test today with a 97%. Woo-Hoo!! Thank you so much, Greg, for your assistance in understanding the material, not just learning how to take a test. Your lectures broke it down, so even a 71-year-old who hasn’t taken a test in 45 years passed with flying colors. My best suggestion is to take time to review all the lectures and quizzes to understand the concepts. It took a month. Practice going slow in reading the questions. The FAA will try and trick you with the wording. Thank you again, Greg, for all that you do.

Steve Heintzelman

Do you need an FAA part 107 license?

Only you can answer this question. Ask yourself first:

  • Why do you have a drone?
  • Is taking aerial footage and photographs a hobby for you?;
  • Do you want to take your hobby to the next level?
  • How about making some extra cash using your drone?

If you find answers to the above questions, then you will figure out whether you need a drone license or not.

Individuals flying drones as a hobby do not need a drone pilot license. The moment you decide you want to make money with your drone, you must enroll in a drone pilot license course and take the exam.

After that, wait for your drone pilot license. The drone pilot license is known as the Remote pilot airmen certificate officially.

What can you do with your Remote pilot airmen certificate?

Flying drones for recreation is one thing, and operating a drone for commercial purposes is another.

There are many ways to make money flying drones. But the FAA does not allow one to use their drone for commercial purposes unless the drone is registered and the drone pilot has a license.

The remote pilot airmen certificate certifies that the drone pilot knows flying drones safely. Hence there is no restriction for the pilot to use a drone to make money.

More and more industries are adopting the use of UAVs. Similarly, FAA part 107 certified drone pilots have growing opportunities to work.

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How many hours do I have to study to pass the test?

Not all drone hobbyists are wealthy. Many of them have day jobs, yet they took drone license courses online and were able to pass their test.

How did they do that?

Indeed, if you are busy and have only limited time to learn, these courses will help you absorb all the information in two weeks.

Spend only one hour a day for two weeks and take the quizzes within the courses to prepare yourself for the drone pilot license test.

If you are too busy and don’t get time every day, finish the courses at your own pace because these courses will give you lifetime access.

Many drone pilots finish the online courses at their own pace and prepare using the quizzes during the classes during the weekend or in their free time.

Once they believe they are ready to take the test, they go for it and pass the exam, usually with over 80% marks.

Do you need to buy any more courses to pass the test?

It is not common for drone pilots to buy two drone pilot license courses online.

A single course contains everything you need to know to pass the FAA part 107 exam.

Most online courses are similar except for the different teaching techniques of other instructors.

Regardless I find the courses mentioned in this article to be top-notch. They can help you become a safe drone pilot and pass the FAA part 107 test.

Practice quizzes are available with each drone license course mentioned in this article. Therefore you don’t have to spend on mock test papers to practice.

Each chapter ends with quizzes. These quizzes adequately determine what you have learned from the course and which section requires reviewing.

If you fail a quiz and think you haven’t learned enough, you can go back to the chapter and study them again.

What if I choose to study using the free resources available?

Free resources always seem like a good option. It is, after all, a better option if you do not want to spend money.

Free resources will save you money, but you will lose time.

Free resources are not always structured and designed for the convenience of students.

Online courses are structured and designed to absorb knowledge quicker

Online drone license courses will save you time, and you will only learn what is necessary. Free resources are usually full of irrelevant information that you may find overwhelming to learn as a beginner in the aviation industry.

Thus it is better to purchase a course and learn what is essential for safely conducting drone flights.

Can I use the course for recurrence?

A remote pilot airman certificate has validity for 24 months. Every 24 months s, one has to take a recurrency test and renew their certification.

The purpose of a recurrency test is to determine whether a drone pilot remembers everything about drone flight safety or not. Even if a drone pilot doesn’t remember everything preparing for the recurrency test, make them a better drone pilot.

The drone license courses mentioned in this post have lifetime access for you. Once you purchase the course, you can go back anytime to review what you have learned.

Thus you can use these courses to review your knowledge of flying drones safely and prepare yourself for the FAA part 107 knowledge tests.

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