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Helpful Drone Photography Tips for the Beginners

In recent years, drone photography has become one of the biggest growth platforms in photography. The ability to keep a high-quality camera in the sky and capture the most stunning aerial photographs of the landscape below is incredibly fascinating, and the results are out of this world. In this article, you will discover tips to help you understand the practical, safe, and legal considerations, which equipment you will need, and where to get the critical training and certification if you plan to work commercially.

#Changing the Aerial Photography Game

Drones have revolutionized photography. Their rotor-driven quadcopter versatility can give them access to unique perspectives and forming that would have previously been impossible or too expensive for the average photographer. Explore these practical tips to learn what you need to succeed as a drone photographer.

#It’s all about the Perspective

One of the most well-received drone techniques is to shoot straight down. This will result in such powerful photographs. With the altitude on your side, you will discover the transformed landscapes and amazing views that photographers without drones cannot access.

#Make your Photos Stand out

If you want to make your photos stand out from the influx of drone photos, then you must be deliberate. Thoughtful composition and consideration of the light will take an image more than the initial aerial view and can also make it a quality photo in its own right. Try using Google Earth to scout your location so that you can start planning the kind of photos you want to get. Look at some other photographers’ photos taken at the exact location. This will help you to visualize the scene before you take the flight.

#Challenges of Drone Photography

It is straightforward to get caught up in the tech specs and the quality when buying a new drone, but remember that there is a drone for every budget. Drones are more affordable now a day, but you will still be shelling out a few hundred dollars for a decent beginner-level drone from reputable brands like DJI and GoPro. Understanding your drone and honing your piloting skills is often a better investment than spending a fortune on a professional drone setup.

-Image Quality

Shooting with drones can require a professional photographer to deal with the image quality. Take a lot of shots and then sort through them in Adobe Lightroom post-processing so that you can find the best photos. A high-quality consumer drone camera, like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, will top out at around 20 megapixels, and it also has a smaller sensor than traditional DSLR cameras.


Weather can be a tough challenge. Flying the drones in high winds or cloudy conditions is not recommended. If you get contraction on the lens, then your photos will be an unusable and foggy mess. Know your surroundings so that you can get the best results.


Becoming a drone pilot might seem daunting, but drones aren’t hard to operate. Being safe and playing by the rules are the more essential concerns. Unsafe piloting can lead to hefty fines and put the people and environments at risk. Watch out for the crowds, respect others’ privacy, and ensure you know where you can and cannot fly legally.

#Make the Most of your Photography Flight Time

Drone photography is all about the thrill of discovering new perspectives. As an experienced photographer, drones can open up a new world of possibilities to explore. If you are new to the medium, drones are an excellent introduction to the caliber of photography. No matter which stage of the journey you are in, you must take more photos to be a better photographer. The more hours you fly your drone, the better you become. You have to be patient with the learning process and enjoy the incredible scenes you can capture with your drone.

#Do more with the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Edit the photos easily with the Lightroom presets and Super Resolution, share the images from any device and access your projects anywhere with cloud photo storage management.

In this article, you have discovered the first steps necessary for getting into drone photography. Indeed, it is an expensive, technical aspect of photography that requires excellent skill, but it rewards the effort that you put in tenfold. I hope this article has given you a realistic sense of the costs and obstacles involved in drone photography. Still, it also whets your appetite for creating some stunning aerial photographs that will amaze your family and your friends and that you can be very proud of for years to come.

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