Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro

10 Best Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro: Fly Better

The Mavic Pro is one of the more popular products from the DJI brand (Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro). It combines good camera quality, fascinating range, long battery life, and tons of innovative features in a solid package, which is very easy to carry around. It comes with a dedicated remote controller as well as an LCD screen, which can give you live telemetry data.

(Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro) The Mavic Pro has an HD camera, which can actually capture 12MP stills and 4K videos.
If you are the proud owner of a Mavic Pro already and would like to take your shooting abilities up a notch, then it might be time to invest in some accessories for this beautiful drone. In this article, we have run down some of the essential accessories to get an even better drone experience with the DJI Mavic Pro.

  1. Spare Battery
    With a battery lasting just 27 minutes in optimal flying conditions, the spare batteries are very essential. (Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro) When you are traveling with a Mavic Pro, then you will need a constant supply of fresh batteries to make sure that you never miss a moment of any worthy footage.
  2. Neutral Density Filter
    Neutral Density (ND) filters are essential when you are shooting video on a Mavic Pro. The rule of thumb is that the shutter speed must remain at 2 times the frame rate continuously, so if you shoot at 30fps at 4k on the Mavic Pro, your shutter speed should remain as close to 60 as possible. (Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro) Outside of cloudy/darker weather, this can only be observed using the ND filters limiting the sunlight entering the lens. This will allow you to keep on the 2x frame rate rule so that you can get buttery smooth cinematic footage, in post-production, with the fixed shutter speed; it also allows for much easier color correction of your footage.
  3. PolarPro 6-Pack Collection
    This combination pack consists of 6 filters for those who actually want to be prepared for every sort of environmental condition.
  4. ND4 Filter
    This filter is particularly for shooting during the dawn and dusk when the light is faint. You will find that during the sunrise and sunset, you need to switch filters as the light changes. There will be a period of time when you struggle to maintain the required shutter speed without the ND4 filter. (Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro)
  5. Hub Charger
    It is worth considering purchasing a hub charger if you need to charge multiple batteries simultaneously. This will allow you to set three of the batteries to charge at a time. However, the batteries will charge in sequence, not in parallel.
  6. Camera Bag – LowePro Protactic 450
    Although the Mavic Pro is immensely portable, the drone, along with the accessories, needs to be well protected. So investing in a good camera bag is clearly worth it. You can use the LowePro ProTactic 450 camera bag so that you can carry all your drone and camera equipment. (Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro) The amount of substance it fits is incredible; you can also customize it to have all your gear. The quick-access side pockets allow you to quickly access the Mavic Pro without taking the bag off your back, which is terrific. The bag can also act as a great launch pad for your Mavic Pro when there are no flat surfaces, such as in sand or long grass.
  7. Spare Gimbal Hood
    The Mavic Pro is a top-quality product, but the stock gimbal cover can be very fragile! The tiny hooks for attaching it break after concise use, so it is worth buying a few spares, as the gimbal is very exposed during transport without a hood.
  8. Spare USB Connectors
    If you are planning a comparatively more extended trip with your Mavic Pro, then, for connecting to the controller, consider buying some spare USB cables. Picking the cable will be very easy if you do not collapse it carefully. Make sure that you get the correct cable. (Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro)
  9. Sun Hood
    In comparatively sunnier weather, sometimes it can be challenging to see the screen due to the sun’s glare, even at full brightness. Some users invest in a proficient sun hood. It will save you from running for the shade or ducking under a jumper so that you can see your screen!
  10. SD Cards and Hard Drives
    The Mavic Pro uses micro SD cards, and when you are shooting 4k footage, it needs high-capacity cards and a method to back up that footage. SD cards and hard drives will force you to back up your footage regularly, and you can carry multiple of them in your pocket. (Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro)
    As you can see, there are many excellent accessories for DJI Mavic Pro. Accessories can add much value to your drone and increase what you can do with it.

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